tees for free

Wanna know how I score free things? Easy. I shop the sales that offer it. Always! If you walk into a store & their sale section is buy one get one free then that means you can entire piece of clothing for FREE & that is just something you do not pass up. I’ll normally completely bypass the regular priced stuff & head straight to the sale items if I see this posted. I mean why not?! They’re willingly giving you something for free. It’s a dumb thing to pass up. Some people don’t feel like the hassle of digging for two things you like in a clearance section is worth it. It’s always worth it! Because tons of people feel the same way as you do which means they’re passing up on some prime pieces as well leaving them all for you! That’s how I scored this open back faded grey tank for absolutely no money at all. There’s simply nothing better than a deal like this. So don’t pass up these opportunities. Get at them. Jump on em! Fight the other girls & hold on for dear life for your free clothes. Free is free & there’s no better price than that.










Tank; Pac Sun Bandeau; F21 Skirt; Target Flats; Ross

I had a funky lazy day yesterday. Not the day I had intended for which completely threw me off. I hate days like those! Hoping these next days are better than the ones before.

—abbey kay


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