downtown abbey

I have this new life goal that I dis cited late last night. I shall move downtown & start a blog called downtown abbey. Isn’t that perfect? Haha I’m just kidding. I won’t do that. But it would be a witty life dream of mine to fulfill & live out. Last night I went on a downtown adventure with one of my really good friends from high school. We river walked, food trucked, crowd panicked, restaurant ate, coffee drank, awkward moment gawked, chit chatted, & loudly laughed. It’s always a great time with that girl. And my favorite part was when she snapped these pics of me in an alleyway between a house & a coffee pub called The Hub. The night was perfect. It’s a rare & treasured thing to able to find a friend that you can to just about anything with. This girl is for sure that friend of mine that gets me & I get her. Forever grateful for her friendship & looking forward to more summer nights like these.










Top; TJ Maxx Leggings; Macy’s Flats; Ross Crossbody; H&M Sunnies; F21

Bringing back the sleeveless button up here! Haven’t worn one of these in forever, they used to be an everyday thin for me! I loved the change up.

—abbey kay


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