jersey girl

I dressed like a jersey girl yesterday. And I’m not talking about the ones with short dresses, loud mouths, & poofed up hairs. I’m talking bout that spring trend of wearing a varsity shirt that resembles a sporty jersey. Yesterday I rocked my crop top varsity tee that I got from Forever 21. Last time I wore this I paired it with a leather midi skirt for a surprise birthday party. This time I chose a more comfy route & threw it with some high waisted vintage spandex pants that I got from my grandma’s closet. I absolutely love these pants, they fit like leggings but feel like pants. Best combo of both! It rained all day yesterday (& today!) so the streets were filled with water when I went out to take these pics. But I think it kinda made for a cool background. Reno, I’m really over your back & forth summer to winter weather. Please choose a season & stick with it! Anyway, I was happy to wear these pants & this top one more time before the summer heat officially hits & decides it wants to stay awhile. These will definitely still be staples in my wardrobe come fall.









Top; F21 Pants; Vintage Flats; F21

Wanna know my dream this summer? To find a pair of denim overalls & pair them with so many crop tops. But I can’t find any!! Challenge accepted!

—abbey kay


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