the jumpsuit

There’s this trend that’s been going around & I’ve finally gotten ahold of it for myself. I’m talking about the jumpsuit. The long legged, one pieced, all comfort, pants & top connected article of clothing that is a staple for every wardrobe. I have rompers, the short version of this design. But I’ve been loving the pant version this spring. It’s such a cute alternative when you don’t wanna wear a dress but you also don’t wanna wear just some jeans & a tee. I found this wide legged jumpsuit at Burlington Coat Factory for just $19. I bought a few sizes up because I loved the flowy look of the pants & didn’t want it to have a fitted form. I added a cotton floral kimono with it yesterday because it was a bit windy & I just can’t stop swooning over the combination. My favorite part about it was that it honestly feels like your wearing pajamas! Which is weird, because I don’t like pajamas or even own them really! But comfortable fashion is my forte & I stand completely by it. I foresee more of these jumpsuits in my future because who doesn’t love being comfy & cute all at once! And the conversations they start are just the best too!










Jumpsuit; Burlington Coat Factory Kimono; H&M Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

I love jumpsuits because they’re basically an adult onesie & that’s just the best invention ever! Also, I snapped these pics outside of a gas station. I’m a sucker for a good wall & hey, I’ll take what I can get!

—abbey kay


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