my momma’s dress

About a year or so ago my mom was cleaning out her closet & I asked her if I could go through the stuff she didn’t want anymore. She gave me a pile of maxi dresses that I remember her wearing when I was younger. There’s this red one with yellow flowers on it that I remember the most. So I snagged it for myself & it fit pretty snug, but it fit! I just loved that my mom had given me a piece of her that I remembered as a kid. Hopefully I can give it to my daughter one day too! Anyway, I pulled it out yesterday after stuffing in the back of my closet for the last few months because it didn’t fit over my hips anymore & I was so, so sad about it! But it fit, & was actually looser than a year ago when I first tried it on. Like what the heck!?! This new body of mine is super awesome & I’m still so amazed that I was actually able to change it for the better. Last week while shooing in vegas I had to actually try on smaller sizes than normal which is a complete first for me! I’ve had clothes not fit because they were too small, but it’s a new thing for me to have then be too big! This is an exciting thing in girl world & I hope it never goes away!









Dress; Mom’s Closet Striped Tank; F21 Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

I got so many compliments in this dress yesterday which just makes me so happy cause it’s a piece that both represents my mom & me at different times in our lives. Which is super neat!

—abbey kay


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  1. mynguyen124 Avatar

    I really like your style!

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