the white shoes

So I have these pair of shoes. They’re white. And I can’t stop wearing them! I seriously think I’ve worn them almost every day since I got them a few weeks ago. White shoes are most girls worst nightmare. But I just love them for spring! The color is the perfect colorless pop! They make every outfit classy & sharp. And yes, they’re a pain to maintain but they’re so worth it because they go with everything. I paired them yesterday with a grey spaghetti strap romper & a black & white striped tee. Such a comfy yet cute look for a day of watching babies. I swear I’m basically a mom right now in my life. I just don’t dress the part!









Tee; F21 Romper; TJ Maxx Flats; Burlington Coat Factory

I always curl my hair like this….and then I end up hating it! Someone please come curl my hair for me because I fail miserably at it!

—abbey kay


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