make you hipster

What makes you hipster? I have no idea. But that’s been the fad thing to be or not to be for the last few years. Is it a trend? Is it a people? Is it a way of life? I have no idea. To me, a hipster is a person who comes off as fashionable & cool while seemingly putting no effort towards doing so. If you ask me, it seem like they’re doing something right! Fashion & “coolness” should be effortless, comfortable, & seem so you that people recognize you for it. So instead of categorizing & pointing out that group of “hipsters” that dress better than you, we should all be taking tips from them. Because it seems to me like they’re the ones setting the trends & trying new things all while staying true to themselves. So say yes to plaid, polka dots, different hats, & beards because these things are here to stay & are soon to be timeless classics.










Dress; Burlington Coat Factory Flats; Burlington Coat Factory Bowler Hat; H&M

This whole rant on the hipster thing came about because my dad said I looked hipster yesterday! I always take that statement as a compliment!

—abbey kay


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