fremont st.

I’m finally home from Vegas & I had the best time ever! Saturday was spent shopping at two different malls & trying out new foods & restaurants. Yesterday we stopped & had breakfast at a local coffee shop where I had an iced almond milk latte, so good! Then we headed to the downtown district of Vegas to a place called The Container Park where a ton of local shops can be found. I met a ton of nice little clothing shops owners & hope to share more with you on that soon! Afterwards my brother took us to the most hipster lunch place ever called The Park where the waitrons were literally all men wearing plaid. If only they were bearded then it would be a dream… *Sigh. On our walk back from lunch we stopped & had a major photo shoot session with tons of cool art & graffiti walls we found. That’s probably my most favorite parts about downtowns, all the cool street art. It would be a dream of mine to travel the states & visit every downtown area (every!) & take outfit pictures in front of walls covered in street art. I’m just obsessed with the talent & I love it so much! The wall that I took these pics in front of was actually scratched into the brick & paint. It was amazing. I wish I had these skills! But I don’t, I just have style skills so that’s what you guys get!









Top; Ross Pants; Ross Flats; Ross Sunnies; Forever 21 Headscarf; The Nest (Local Vintage Boutique)

I had such a great time in Vegas!! It’s so much more than a party city! It has tons of culture & (day) life to it! I can’t wait to go back!

—abbey kay


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  1. morganetoile Avatar

    So true! When in Vegas explore more than just the Strip. Glad you had fun 🙂

    -Morgan Etoile (Vegas Fashion Blogger)

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