crop it

Got a shirt you don’t really like anymore? Crop it. Got a sweater that just doesn’t go with your style? Crop it. Got an old t-shirt that you love but never wear? Crop it. The shirt that I wore yesterday used to be a three quarter sleeve shirt & I got it from Forever 21. I always loved the shoulder detail on it but I just wasn’t loving he the waist length & long sleeves anymore. I was going to post it in my Instagram shop my closet but I decided to cut it up into a crop tee since those things have been my latest current obsession. I’m normally horrible at cutting up my own tees but this one was so easy to do. I just cut off each sleeve right under the design. Then I cut about two inches off the bottom and how fancy, you’re done. It luckily fit perfectly right under my chest to wear it showed some skin but still covered everything up. I did this to a few of my other tees & they turned out perfect too. I love reinventing things in my closet that were pushed into the back, into some of my new favorite pieces!









Top; F21 Skirt; H&M Gladiators; Payless Shoes

What’s in your closet that you think you’ll cut up & make into a new piece? Share below! The possibilities are endless!

—abbey kay


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