staircase fab

So most days my dad takes my outfit pictures. We’ll head out real quick after dinner & find a shaded wall or cool background that makes the outfits pop & we’ll snap a few shots. But some days we’re in opposite directions & our schedules don’t cross paths & then I’m in a dilemma. Except I have a mom too! And yesterday she was kind enough to meet up with me at my dad’s work actually & takes my pictures. My dad works right next to our local fairgrounds which has tons of different places to take pictures. So we snuck past some trees, workers, garages & grass to takes these pics on a small staircase that led up to a stage. Which I believe I once performed on as a tiny human… Anyway, the pictures turned out great but I was so bummed because my dad has always wanted to take my pics on some stairs but the lighting/background was just never right. So shhh! Don’t tell him that I did it yesterday without him, it would crush his photog spirit! But big props to my mom who totally pulled these pics off & make my outfit look amazing! Don’t know what I would do without my parents who support & take part in this blog literally every single day!










Top; F21 Leggings; F21 Flats; Target Sunnies; Ross

I love this shirt so much! Elephants are my jam!

—abbey kay


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