hello america

I was all about the red, white, & blue yesterday. From my blue starry Hello Apparel shirt to my loud plaid pointed toed flats. I was dressed for the 4th of July…on the 6th of May. Whatever. You can dress however you want whenever you want! And yesterday I was rocking the summer boho anthem look. All about America, freedom, & the hot mom pants. Yep, I said it. Mom. Pants. They are something I love! A lot of women complain about the shape they may give you. But I think that’s the best part because they actually GIVE you a shape! Side shape. Leg shape. Back shape. And you know what I lean by back shape. Mom pants are a thing that should be worn by every woman. Shirts tucked in jeans & American themed tees, it’s definitely a thing.












Tee; Hello Apparel Jeans; F21 Flats; F21 Headband; Walmart

I bought this corduroy skinnies at Forever 21 this weekend on sale! They for me so well, I love em!

— abbey kay

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