50’s me

I wore my hair up yesterday….AND I ACTUALLY LOVED IT! That’s a first for me. I hate not having my hair down. But the way I curled it hair made it bounce in a ponytail & it made me feel like a 1950’s cheerleader. Especially because of what I was wearing. I wore a simple pink tee under a grey cotton dress & white leather flats. Total 50’s girl. It’s like I stepped out of the movie Pleasantville or was going to a sock-hop. I love when my outfits mimic a character, theme, or era. Being whoever I want, whenever I want is the best thing about indulging in fashion daily! 20140503-222341.jpg20140503-221847.jpg20140503-221914.jpg20140503-221921.jpg20140503-221934.jpg20140503-221927.jpg20140503-222004.jpg20140503-221940.jpg

Top; H&M Dress; F21 Flats; Burlington Coat Factory Sunnies; Ross

The sunglasses totally pull the look off! I totally could have lived way back in the day & rocked it!

—abbey kay


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