diamond edge

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, I love simple outfits! Just two or three piece looks that steal the show wherever you go are my jam. And each piece from yesterday’s outfit definitely did just that. I paired my leather leggings with a black & white diamond muscle tee & my two toned leather ankle flats. Each are uniquely bold & I never can wear one without getting them questioned or commented on. Fashion is one of the best conversation starters & I love how the people I surrounded myself with love talking about what I wear. Sounds so silly & self centered. But I enjoy explaining fashion to people who don’t get it or help them see it like I do. 20140425-215451.jpg20140425-215457.jpg20140425-215446.jpg20140425-215507.jpg





Diamond Tee; F21 Leggings; Ross Flats; Ross

I’m seriously loving the ways my clothes for me now that I’ve slimmed down a bit! These bad boy leggings were loose on me yesterday! Yay for healthy eating!

—abbey kay

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  1. You look amazing! There ‘s more than just personality here; it’s a very interesting story. Classy, adventurous, and “don’t mess with me badness” all rolled into one. The diamonds are priceless and so are you.

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