I did something nuts yesterday, nuts for me at least. I didn’t wear any make-up, well almost. I’m the kind of girl who honestly wears make-up every single day because I like too & that’s just that. I seriously hardly ever let a day go by without putting it on entirely to where I feel comfortable & like myself. But yesterday I was too exhausted to put it on after my work & chose to do an “all natural” outfit pic. I didn’t do my hair, just let it air dry. And I only applied a quick powder foundation, a layer of mascara, and filled in my eye brows. That’s the least amount of make-up I have ever worn since like middle school! And honestly, I was so nervous to post my outfit picture with that look! Only a handful of people, basically family, have ever seen me with no make-up, but now the entire interwebs have! What the heck! I’m crazy for doing that. But everyone who commented on it was do encouraging & loving. Most said they loved this look more so than my put together looks. But it still didn’t feel like me! It was nice for one day, but I’m back to all glitz & glam today & I’ll probably never go back.









Dress; Target Hat; F21 Booties; F21

I don’t believe you have to wear make-up in order to be beautiful. But if wearing make-up is what makes you feel beautiful then there’s nothing wrong with that! When I wear make-up I feel most like myself & that makes me feel beautiful!

—abbey kay


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