cool guy

I talk about this all the time. But there’s always that person that we see somewhere & we think to ourselves, man they’re just so cool! That shirt, their hair, them shades, it just makes them look cool! Well, they’re not cool. They’re just as weird & quirky as you. Or they’re so self involved that you would never really want to be them once you know them. But sometimes, in fashion, it’s fun to dress the part. My favorite thing about taking outfit pictures every single day is that I can be anyone I want. Yesterday I chose to be the cool guy & it was all because of my stunna shades. Honestly, I don’t even like what I look like in these sunglasses. It’s true. Every time I put them on & look in the mirror I take them off right away & decide to use a different pair for the day. I’m just too self conscious in them. But yesterday I felt like they made me look like a cool guy so I threw them on for the cool factor effect in these pics. So while it might seem like I’m some effortlessly cool guy, I’m not. I’m just my low esteem self hiding behind cool guy shaded lenses.








Tee; Kinship Goods Leggings; F21 Shades; F21 Flats; Target Attitude; Priceless

I seriously love my Don’t Boss Me Don’t Cross Me tee. So on point with my attitude like always! Makes me seem so unapproachable when I actually really am!

— abbey kay


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