saturday classic

I think any Saturday outfit should be a durable one. Always comfortable & for sure versatile & cute because you never know what the weekend may have in store for you. I ended up spending the entire day yesterday with my brother & sister in law & it’s exactly what I needed. We did a bunch of nothing, but I love just being with them & letting our conversation & our time take us wherever it wants to go. They’re my people & I adore them. Got way off topic… Anyway, yesterday’s look fit the relaxed adventures that we took. Cotton trousers, a tucked in graphic tee, comfy flats, & an edgey denim vest. It was just what I needed; nothing too fancy, but still put together. This would be my definition of a casual outfit or what other people may call “sweats”. To me, fashion is comfortable & is what makes me feel most at home. Even on a Saturday where I didn’t spend a single moment at my house ha!









Tee; Hello Apparel Pants; Ross Flats; Ross Handbag; Ross Vest; F21

Such a comfy outfit/look. I am l o v i n g these trending pants!

— abbey kay


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