big dots

We’re coming to the days of two piece outfits, just a dress & a pair of shoes. It’s the simplest of outfit seasons & I’m sorta looking forward to it. Dresses are my all time favorite thing to wear & you can catch me wearing one almost every day during summer. They are just so flirty & fun & lady-like that I don’t know why every girl doesn’t make them an everyday thing. From baby-dolls to maxi dresses, high to lows, & midi’s. The options for summer dresses are endless, effortless, & game changing. Yesterday I wore my 4 dollar black & white big polka dot dress that I can tell will be a favorite of mine this summer. The big print is easy to dress up & style with jewelry, vests, shoes, & headbands. I kept it simple though with just a two toned leather ankle flat & that’s all that yesterday’s look needed. Simple, classic, & with just enough “pop” of the pink to dress it up & make it my own. I can’t wait to style this dress again!









Dress; F21 Flats; Ross Handbag; Ross

I seriously love this dress. Polka dots are my favorite thing ever & I don’t wear them often enough!

— abbey kay


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