tribal tee & skinnies

An outfit can sometimes be so simple. But I believe people tend to overthink what they wear. I often just throw things on according to texture, color, comfort, or feel & head out the for feeling complete. It doesn’t take much to make a great outfit. Just stick to the basic look you’re going for & don’t over do it. Yesterday’s out was so simply put together. Just a tribal tee & some skinnies. That’s it. Nothing too special. But the colors went well & my shoes & simple turquoise necklace kept the look fresh. I even felt a little confident wearing sleeveless shirt yesterday! What a win! I fight that battle daily during nice weather, so not fun. But yesterday I rocked it & didn’t care what anyone thought!








Tee; F21 Skinnies; Burlington Coat Factory Flats; Target Necklace; F21

I’m so supported that this is my boy tribal print tee in my entire closet! I love this trend so much! I’ll definitely be looking for some more to add to my wardrobe soon!

— abbey kay


One response to “tribal tee & skinnies”

  1. shannonwaisath Avatar

    Such a flattering outfit!

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