Summer is officially here in Reno. Although it is technically Spring & I’m sure it’ll snow sometime before summer really hits. But the weather has been so so nice here & it’s been hot too. Yesterday I dressed like a sailer in red & white stripes with a denim blue skirt & a royal hoodie for modesty effect. Can we be real? I hate the summer! I hate the heat! Because hot weather means you don’t wanna wear sleeves, except I always wanna wear sleeves because I hate how my arms look! It’s true & I’m sure a ton of you have insecurities that come with the summer heat… But we shouldn’t let that ruin our entire experience through the season! I’m the kind of person who will hide my insecurities just to get by, literally, with extra fabric & clothing. But that’s dumb. So this summer I’m vowing to just to sleeveless & not give a single hoot! Because honestly, who’s looking at my arms? Probably no one. So who cares. Ladies, throw your insecurities out the window this summer & just enjoy life. It goes by too fast to avoid things because of our overthinking self-conscious minds. Love yourselves, & everyone else will too.








Top; Lane Bryant Skirt; Macy’s Flats; Burlington Coat Factory Hoodie; H&M

Props to my SIL for snapping these pics for me last night!

—abbey kay


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