daylight outfit

This week has been a really busy work week filled with so many babies & tears. Mostly from the kiddos… Just kidding, it’s just been crazy baby busy! Yesterday I worked a total of 16 hours & watched 8 kiddos over that time span. It was nuts & I was exhausted. I literally had 60 minutes of open time to get gas, go tanning (yeah, I do that), make dinner, & snap these pics in between diaper changes & running after little ones. Normally I like to take my pics right before the sun sets because then I don’t have to worry about shadowing & brightness. But yesterday I could only do it when it was early afternoon & the images actually turned out great! It was a little hard to find a spot where the background looked okay & there was enough shadowing to block out too much light. But in the end I really liked how they turned out! This outfit was another 5 second throw together one too. No time for anything yesterday! But oddly, those kinds of days are my favorite!









Dress; F21 Leggings; Target Flats; Ross Handbag; Ross Headband; Monroe & Harlow

I feel like this looks like a cutesy mom outfit. Which kinda fits since that’s basically what I was all day yesterday!

— abbey kay


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