hipster stripes

Yesterday’s outfit was completely hipster mom status. Stripes? Check. Wavy hair? Check. Artsy leggings & worn out mocs? Check, check! The only thing missing were some tattoos & I’m not being stereotypical here. I love tattoos, tattooed moms, & tattooed hipster moms. The look is just so neat to me! I love how tattoos look on certain people, they just fit & seem so right. I have about a million tattoo ideas for my entire body. Literally, I pretty much have my whole body mapped out. I’m just too chicken to make it happen, but one day hopefully soon I’ll finally do it! Tattoos have the capability to tell a story, honor a memory, & display an artist’s talent all at once. Tattoos intrigue me & I love the entirety of them. So yes, my outfit was perfect yesterday, but it honestly felt like it was missing tattoos.







Too; F21 Leggings; Hello Apparel Moccasins; Target

Alleyway backgrounds are my current favorite outfit picture taking spot. I need more of these in my life!

—abbey kay


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