outfit of the year

I’m a day or two behind on this whole “blog my outfit everyday” thing. That’s because yesterday was rough & that’s just life sometimes. I’ve told y’all how I’m on this whole foods eating cleanse diet thing, right? Well, I believe it’s working because of the outfit I wore on Sunday which will now be known as the outfit of the year. I have never worn an outfit & felt so confident before, in my entire LIFE! It felt amazing. It was just a long black maxi dress, which I have worn before, but it fit me like a glove. The way the dress hugged me made me feel like my body actually “looked good”. I’ve seriously never felt that way in a dress or any type of clothing before. The relationship that women have with their body is for certain an odd one. It’s one of the biggest roller coaster rides of our lives. It’s a literal love/hate, back & forth, mood swings left & right kind of ordeal. Body image is hard to wrap your mind around. There’s all these quotes out there telling you to love yourself no matter what. Well, it’s easy for everyone else to say to you because they’re not the ones literally loving the body that you are in. And we ourselves can’t say that to someone else because we’re not in the body that we’re telling someone else to love. Ya, still following me? This is an everyday struggle for most women & we allow it to effect our entire lives. I hate that so much! We are our own worst critics, so my challenge for you is to only focus on the things you love about yourself & point them out to people! Cause hey, if you love it, then everyone else should know it! So, I loved how I looked in this dress & you best believe I told everyone I saw that day that exact thing!











Dress; H&M Scarf; H&M Clutch; H&M Shoes; Urban Outfitters

Yes, I know black is slimming! There’s a reason why I wear it all the time! But I feel like this dress would have for me well in any color! I just love it so much!

— abbey kay


One response to “outfit of the year”

  1. The Sartorial Coquette Avatar
    The Sartorial Coquette

    Isn’t that the most amazing feeling?! And you really do look stunning!! ❤

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