elly phants

I love elephants. They’re just so big & mystical, yet gentle & slow. I think my love for them stems from my childhood when a local casino used to own some & we got coloring books all about them. All my local readers will remember Bertha & her baby elephant. They were just so cute! I love wearing elephants in print as well! It’s actually one of the only “animal” prints I will wear because I don’t like any of the others. So when I saw this pink & black printed elephant crop top online at Forever 21 I snatched that thing right up! I even got a tiny white & gold elephant figurine in the same purchase. I just love them so much! I could watch elephants all day….when I visit zoos that is. I’m not like some crazy YouTube elephant stalking nut. I swear I’m not! I just like to wear them!








Top; F21 Pants; H&M Flats; F21

Such a relaxed outfit for a relaxed day visiting with my friend & her babies! Even on my days off I’m around kids… Can’t stop, won’t stop!

— abbey kay


One response to “elly phants”

  1. Jacqueline Jax Avatar

    I’m enjoying your blog. 🙂 this time of your is my favorite for fashion. I hope you’ll come enter to win my BLONDi Beach Bag Giveaway. I filled it with all kinds of awesome goodies for April, here’s the video unveiling what’s in Aprils Bag and how to win it. http://youtu.be/e3j4aKReUkw cheers! jax

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