flirty florals

I felt like I was dressed like a Boy Scout yesterday… All. Day. Long. And not in the “I’m still wearing my Boy Scout shirt as a real shirt” hipster sort of way. Yep, I went there. I wore my oversized white tee tucked into my jeans yesterday & it just felt so uniform-like. I normally love this trend, but yesterday I was just not feeling it. The entire look felt not me. Some of my followed say that they love that I can rock & wear all types of trends. Which I won’t lie, it is sort of an awesome gift. But sometimes I just wish I were able to perfect one simple style that was completely me, instead of shifting through every style ever known.








Top; H&M Scarf; F21 Jeans; Old Navy Flats; F21 Necklace; Repurposed

Heading to Cali in the morning for a quick one day road trip for to thrift for some goodies! What are y’all up to this weekend?

— abbey kay


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