pink & whites

Remember how yesterday I was talking about that wholeWhole30 business? Well, I’m super stoked on it right because I think it’s working! The t-shirt I wore yesterday, which I got from Top Knot Goods, fits me way different than it did before I started this eating “whole” thing. It’s way looser!!! That’s tight. I’ve never liked my body & I’ve never been so determined to try & change it for the better. But something got into me just 18 days ago & I chose to try & actually do something about it. Eating clean is hard, but pretty simple too. If you don’t like your body, then change it. But just because you’re not “skinny” doesn’t mean you have to change your body. If you’re happy, then that’s all that matters. And right now, I’m super happy!!! It’s cool learning new things about your body & how quickly it can change for the better or worse just by what you’re putting into it. Makes sense, right? Anyway, I was stoked to wear this RAD tee yesterday because it showed me just how rad the human body is. Plus my pink shoes made the look all cute too.








Tee; Top Knot Goods Leggings; Target Flats; Ross

I’ve really enjoyed eating clean. But I just saw a commercial for a Dairy Queen Blizzard & I’m about caaavvveeee! I really miss ice cream!

— abbey kay


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