outfit simplicity

Sometimes days just seem plain & uneventful & you have no energy to get through them. I’m currently on a 30 day whole food cleanse where I’m only eating whole foods for 30 days. Check it out here, it’s called Whole 30. It’s been a pretty interesting food/self journey as I am halfway done with it (day 17 babay!) already. But some days I literally have no energy in me, like none at all. It’s the strangest feeling ever & I’m learning what could be the cause of that during this whole food rethinking process. Anyway, yesterday I was so sleepy & tired & hungry & my outfit seemed to fit that mood entirely. I didn’t like it. It felt so blah & mundane. Too simple for my liking & there just seemed to be no “wow” factor in my outfit. I hate outfit days like that, just seems like a waste! But since my mood was low & hangry (hungry & angry) I’m sure it suited me just fine! So did my clothes effect my mood, or did my mood effect the way I felt about my clothes? I guess we’ll never truly know…







Top; F21 Maxi Skirt; Target Flats; F21

Shout out to my sis in law for snapping these pics for me yesterday. She’s da bomb!

— abbey kay


2 responses to “outfit simplicity”

  1. LFFL Avatar

    Very cute outfit there. Love that top.

  2. shannonwaisath Avatar

    Good luck on your challenge!

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