the grey sweatpants

If you have known me for years or even just a few months you might have noticed one thing about me, I never ever wear sweatpants. It’s true. I actually despise them. The only sweatpants I’ve ever worn out in public were the ones I was forced to wear for sports teams I high school. Sweatpants just aren’t my thing. I don’t even own the beloved girl “yoga” pants. I’m the kind of girl who is always dressed up because that’s what I like to do. I like wearing clothes & sweats just freak me out honestly. But, can sweatpants be worn in a fashionable way? Yes! And I totally proved that yesterday. A few weeks ago I saw a pair of slim legged grey sweatpants with my mom when we’re at Macy’s. I looked at them & was like no way, skinny sweats!?! What is this! So I tried them on & I was completely sold on the style. They looked just like high waisted trousers but in a softer material. They look so Kardashian to me. I paired them with a black crop top tee yesterday (yes, still obsessed!) & some two-toned leather ankle flats to create a very relaxed, yet fashionable look. I’m proud to announce that I am now a sweatpants’ enthusiast & would totally pick up another pair if they were cut like these ones. So comfy, cute, & professional looking, if I’m allowed to say that about sweatpants…









Top; F21 Pants; Macy’s Flats; Ross Handbag; Ross Sunnies; F21

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday in our cities midtown with my brother & his wife. It was such a nice day. I love spending time with just the two of them.

— abbey kay


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  1. shannonwaisath Avatar

    Your dedication to post daily is truly inspiring!

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