little blue tee crew

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m wearing another crop top tee. Sue me! These things are just my latest obsession & I’m addicted! I don’t believe I’m capable of stopping this fad I’m on… I just love them so much guys & I’m itching for warmer weather! So I’m gonna keep wearing them until something else better comes along! FYI, I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon! Oh, & the harem pants! Yes, I’ll never stop wearing these bad boys either! Especially these ones that have tiny white polka dots all over them. I’m swooning hard over these two trends right now & I hope you’re okay with the repetition! Clearly I’m enjoying it.









Top; F21 Pants; H&M Flats; F21 Sunnies; F21

What trends are you currently crashing on? Let me know in the comments below!

—abbey kay


2 responses to “little blue tee crew”

  1. heartofjb Avatar

    You are very beautiful! And your outfit ideas are so cute and such a gook unique look! Looking forward to future posts :).

  2. Gosia Avatar

    Great pants end very nice look ;-).

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