tribal print & trousers

Here’s a truth post. Fashion blogging is hard. It takes time & dedication & daily commitment. Sure, the outfit part is easy because I’m wearing it regardless if I document it or not. But the rest takes a ton of work! The pictures & the lighting & the timing & the uploading & the editing & the writing & the posting. It’s a ton of little things jumbled together to produce one big thing. The fact that I post everyday means that I have to do this, every single day! And sometimes finding all that time in an already busy day gets the best of me & I panic! I hate posting blogs so late, but sometimes I only have time at the end of the day to do it. But I love what I do & I love all the support I get through it. So thank you followers for reading & checking out my fashion posts, even when they happen so late at night!










Crop Top; TJ Maxx Pants; Ross Flats; F21

My dad snapped these awesome shots right outside our post office yesterday. I love random places like this that can be used as good backdrops!

— abbey kay



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  1. Braidsandeyeliner Avatar

    Lovelyyyy!!! ❤️

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