boho lace

I feel like sometimes I just wear the same outfit but with different pieces. Like oh, it’s just another maxi skirt, striped tee, & headband again. But that’s okay. Fashion is supposed to be comfortable & make you feel like yourself. So when you find a trend that you like, don’t worry about repeating it a bunch. As long as you feel confident in what you’re wearing then you can wear a version of the same thing everyday! Maxi skirts are my favorite go-to pieces during the summer because you just throw them on with a tank & you’re ready to take on the day. It’s not quite summer weather around here yet, but the maxi skirt can still be worn with longer pieces. I loved yesterday’s outfit even if I did only wear it for 6 hours!








Top; H&M Maxi Skirt; H&M Flats; Burlington Coat Factory Headband; Monroe & Harlow

Look! I’m not wearing any bit of black guys! Go me! That’s an accomplishment.

— abbey kay


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