Have you ever been shopping & seen clothes with a letter sewn on it & thought why do they never have my initial!?! Well, I haven’t cause they luckily always have the letter “A” & it’s awesome! I picked up this sweet bright red crewneck A sweatshirt last winter when I was shopping with a friend at Forever 21. It was so bold & out there that I had to grab it. So I did & got made fun of on social media for it. True story. But I didn’t care because I loved it! Whimsical wear is one of my favorite looks & I love walking around with a big ole A on my shirt. Don’t ever let someone tell you what you’re wearing is weird. If you love it, then wear it!








Crewneck; F21 Skinnies; Burlington Coat Factory Flats; Urban Outfitters

So much wind. Again! Any windless cities looking for a transfer fashion blogger? I’ll totally apply!

— abbey kay >


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