casual wear

Some days you just gotta opt for a super comfy look cause it’s freezing outside & windy & you have an early coffee date with some friends. Okay, 10:30 isn’t early & I was late (sorry guys) but you get the point. Anyway, comfy doesn’t have to necessarily mean frumpy. A pair of flats & a simple necklace can take a “work out outfit” & transform it into a “workin it outfit”. Yes, I’m serious. I talk & think like this every day of my life! It’s so simple to fancy up your look. You don’t have to wear a dress & heels to look put together or even fashionable. So next time you’re running out of the house & don’t have time to stare at your closet pondering what to wear, just slip on some cute flats & a simple necklace. You’ll make an early morning statement for sure, & it won’t be that I just rolled out of bed…








Top; H&M Leggings; Walmart Flats; Kohl’s Neckalace; F21

I literally watched movies in this outfit all day after my coffee date. Closest things to “sweats” that I get!

— abbey kay



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