aztec sweater

I was just telling my friend the other day that it kills me that sometimes I’ll only wear a piece I love one time per season. I don’t do it on purpose, but sometimes it just happens. I’ll buy something adorable heading into a season because it’s something that has caught my eye. But then I’ll start buying replica’s of said piece because I can’t get enough of the trend. Which normally results in the first piece receiving the least amount of love throughout the season. I hate that I do this, but I do! So I was so excited that it was cold enough yesterday to whip out this chunky aztec sweater from the tip top of my closet. I threw it over a plain black tee that I also hardly wear & my dark denim Skinnies. Funny thing, I absolutely hate jeans, but have slowly been falling in love with this pair. But only when I tuck my shirt in because it gives me the tiniest waist! So yesterday’s outfit consisted of ton’s of “I barely wear” pieces, but it totally worked as a perfect outfit for the day. I love when I can give all of the clothes in my closet some love & sunlight!









Sweater; Burlington Coat Factory Jeans; Old Navy Flats; Target Tee; H&M Handbag; Ross Necklaces; F21

My dad snapped these pics by his work where we gold our local rodeo every summer. Love the blue!

— abbey kay



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