This dress is one of my favorites & it’s only partly because it was just 4 dollars! It’s just a dress. But it’s a dress that I am completely comfortable in. It’s not too short, it’s the perfect length. It’s the perfect shape, just enough flare. It’s my favorite colors & the design just makes swoon. It’s the perfect dress for summer nights & breeze spring days. It’s the easiest dress to accessorize & change the look of. It’s the dresses of all dresses. Ya feel me? Or do I just think way too much about my clothes & what they mean to me!









Dress; F21 Leggings; Target Flats; F21 Necklace; F21

My daddio took these pics in front of the doors he built for my brother & sister-in-laws wedding this last summer. He’s so rad!

— abbey kay



One response to “starry-eyed”

  1. shannonwaisath Avatar

    I have the same dress!

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