12 dollar things

I kind of have a rule whenever I go clothes shopping & it’s that I basically don’t ever buy anything that is over 15 dollars. It’s true. If the price tag says a higher price I will normally shrug & say nope, not worth it. I do however make exceptions for things I’ve really been eyeing that I come across ever so randomly. Other than that though, more than 15 bucks & it’s not coming home with me! I think that’s a pretty reasonable way to make my dollar go farther than if I just bought whatever I wanted. At least, it seems to be working so far! Anyway, yesterday’s outfit consisted of 3 things that were 12 dollars & a necklace for 5. Added up that’s a 41 dollar outfit which really isn’t that bad at all! Especially when I know I’ll wear each thing in a different outfit too. Ladies, you don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a whole stack of hundreds. When you go shopping, pick a “highest I’ll spend” price & vow to not buying anything over it. I promise you’ll spend less & walk out with more.









Top; H&M Pants; Ross Shoes; Ross Necklace; F21

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the entire aesthetic that was yesterday’s outfit? Someday’s it makes me sad that I only wear an outfit once.

— abbey kay >


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