rad republic threads

So a few weeks ago this up & coming graphic tee company contacted me & asked me to model one of their shirts. They’re known as Rad Republic Threads & they’re launching their site tomorrow! So I said what the heck, yeah I’ll do it! So they sent a shirt & I had the freedom of styling it however I see fit. It was so much fun. They make unisex clothing with a pretty plain, simple, yet rad design. The tank they sent me was a women’s & I really, really love it! Most women’s tee run super small & super low-cut. But this one didn’t & that’s what makes it awesome! It fit me so well & it styled perfectly into one of my everyday outfits. I would totally recommend this tee to any & everyone!






I’ll post the link in tomorrow’s post once they launch it tomorrow! I’m so excited for them! They’ve worked super, super hard on this!

—abbey kay>


2 responses to “rad republic threads”

  1. haleylove Avatar

    Love that top!! You bring your whole outfit together so well, per usual 🙂 thanks for always providing good fashion tips & such good confidence & self esteem!! You go girl

    1. abbey kay Avatar

      Aww thank you so much for the encouragement!!! It means a lot!!

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