golden girl

Spoiler: this post is just another post like the rest. Ya know, where I ramble on about my favorite thing about some outfit & tell you why it’s so awesome. But guys! This one is different because this outfit really is awesome! And I did the shoot somewhere that wasn’t my house! I know, I’m proud of myself too. So awesomeness & high fives all around. But why was this was so cool?? I’d say the pants, or it could be the gold headband. Or maybe the fact that I wore a crop top that revealed like an inch-ish of my mid body that would normally be forbidden on a girl of my size but I said who cares & did it anyway! Or maybe it was just the colors that made me swoon… Either way, I loved yesterday’s outfit & would have even worn it to bed if I could have. I know I say I love my outfit just about every single day & I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about it. But I think that it’s something to acknowledge. Because when I say I love my outfit today, what I’m also saying is that I’m choosing to love my body today as well. I’m not gonna waste time & focus on the things that I hate about my figure. Then get sad because I can’t wear this or that or fit into this anymore. I’m gonna pick out an outfit that I feel confident in & choose to love myself while rockin it up & down Main Street. You should be proud of the body you have even if it’s not “perfect”. It’s yours to own, so own it big or small.













Top; F21 Pants; Ross Flats; F21 Headband; Monroe & Harlow

I don’t think my city has a “Main Street” just to clarify. But the closest thing to it would be the street that has all our casinos on it. Yay Reno!

— abbey kay


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