relaxed dress

I’m a girl who loves dresses. I would wear them everyday & in the summer I normally do! Except I’m also a girl who loves hoodies too! So why not combine the two looks for a relaxed yet dressy look! I did just that yesterday. I wore my black & white aztec print dress from H&M & paired it with a faded grey hoodie also from H&M. Ta-da! The look was rockin. Hint: roll up them sleeves girl! Sometimes a rolled up sleeve is all it takes to change the look of an outfit. Try it out! I promise it will make a difference! Anyway, I loved how I wore this yesterday & am totally gonna be paring my dresses with some hoodies again very soon! You should too.










Dress; H&M Hoodie; H&M Tights; Target Flats; Kohl’s Necklace; F21

My brother loves these shoes of mine. But he loves them because he thinks they’re my “elf” shoes. Silly guy… I love to hate him!

— abbey kay


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