camo chic

Let’s make a list of current things I love because I can’t think of what to write & I’m loving tons of things right now!

1. I’m loving wearing flats again because it’s slowly turning into spring!

2. I love searching & finding decor for my new room. But it’s stressful & I can’t imagine ever decorating a whole house.

3. I’m currently digging hard on Lorde, Cher Lloyd, & Macklemore.

4. I’m loving lunch dates with friends. And breakfast dates. And coffee ones too!

5. I love nude lips & don’t think that will change for quite some time.

6. I’m loving trying out new beauty products & beauty make-up routines.

7. I’m loving meeting fans & local Instagram followers. It’s so nice to meet & talk!

8. I’m also really loving discussing the future of this blog! I have tons of ideas & I can’t wait to implement them!









CHIC Top; F21 Button Up; Kohl’s Leggings; H&M Flats; Target

This outfit was so simple yesterday! That’s another thing I love, simplicity!

— abbey kay


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