gold loafers

I have this little tradition between my mom & I where I get to pick out all my gifts. Sounds bad? No it’s not! Sometime in the middle of high school my mom & I started going Black Friday shopping together to buy gifts for people because we love a good sale! Well, my birthday is in the middle of December so she would just hold back the stuff we bought for either my birthday or Christmas gifts & I loved it! I was just as excited, & possibly even more excited, to already know what I was getting for my birthday or Christmas. The thrill of waiting to finally get what I already knew was coming was the best present I could ask for! Especially when that involved clothes! I couldn’t wait to wear the stuff we had bought. We still do this today & I still love it. We’ll shop before my birthday together & she’ll wrap it up & give it to me on my big day. That’s how I got these gold loafers! They’re so cool, aren’t they? I’m such a hard person to buy for because I’m constantly changing what I love/wear. But having a mom who recognizes that & adjusts normal tradition to fit my personality was super cool. She still throws in a few surprises & those can either be bad or good. Haha, I’m just really grateful for a woman like her in my life. She goes so out of her way to bless her kids & I would be no where without her. So thanks for these gold loafers that you got me for my birthday this year mom!



Top; F21 Dress; Ross Tights; Target Loafers; Ross Chain; Repurposed

Check out that head chain! It’s just my gold chain that I normally wear as a necklace. But yesterday I double looped it & tossed it on my head. Such a cool look to change things up a bit. I loved it!

—abbey kay


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