i’m so tired

Can we all just agree that we hate Daylight Savings? It like messes with you for a good couple of days. Not just the lack of sleep but the whole track of time as well. I was so freaked out by it being lighter later yesterday. As someone who strives & so far succeeds to take their outfit pictures every single day outside I use the sun to keep track of when I can/cannot take a decent picture. Obviously I use the sun, it’s the best source of lighting! But anyway, in doing this, one must know the best times to go outside & when it’s too late or dark to even think about getting a good quality picture. I know these times. I live by these times. My life revolves around these times! So when things change it messes up my whole existence. Overdramatic? Yes. But you would get what I’m saying if you were me! Overall, it being lighter later is a good thing because it opens up my window for when I can take my outfit pictures. So the light gives my life more freedom. Weird, kinda like Jesus! Wink, wink. Anyway, again, I feel like yesterday’s top fit quite well for it being the Monday right after the oh so hated time change. This outfit was killer & though I really was so tired, it rocked for being a Monday outfit.










Grey Dress; F21 Tights; Target Booties; F21 Bowler Hat; H&M I’m So Tired Crewneck; Hello Apparel

This outfit is for sure one of my most favorites recently!!! Looks so good! Be sure to follow my on Instagram via @fash_byabb for day to day photos!

—abbey kay


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