flannels & maxis

My two favorites were incorporated into my outfit yesterday: flannels & maxis. They’re just such cute trends! But who’s ever thought to combine them? Me, me, me! I love taking a flannel & wearing it as a sweater/jacket piece over a tee. But why not do the same thing with a dress? Exactly. It’s pure genius. And I should have done it sooner, especially with these colors! The grey of the maxi dress just looks so cool next to the white & gold plaid pattern of my flannel shirt. I adores this outfit yesterday. Not gonna lie though, I felt “big” in it because ideas wearing two oversized pieces that gave me no real shape. Sometimes that just sucks. Sometimes you feel like that in your clothes. Sometimes you’re the only one who notices that though!!! We are our worst critics, but can be our biggest supporters. Love yourself. Even on the days you feel “big”. Because no one sees you as a size except yourself.











Maxi Dress; H&M Flannel; Old Navy Tights; Target Flats; Ross Necklace; F21

So many pictures today! I just loved how they turned out! Which is funny because of the above explanation of feelings in this outfit. Does it change how I felt? Nope! Haha though it probably should…

— abbey kay


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