plaid under tee

Sometimes when ya get dressed you just think to yourself, I must be a genius! Oh, no one else thinks this? Well I do! I’ll look at the outfit I’ve someone randomly built & just think, girl you are so clever. Yesterday when I was getting dressed I had no idea what to wear, as usual. I knew I wanted to wear a dress because I normally like to on weekends. But I also knew that I had a niece’s birthday party later that evening where I’d be running around & jumping, literally, so I needed something comfy. My outfit had to work for both my wants & my needs. So standing in front of my closet listening to my current latest obsession, Lorde, I created the outfit that was literally the best of both worlds (no Hannah Montana pun intended). I threw together a black & white plaid flannel under a grey cotton dress & wore leggings & flats. I love wearing outfits that take simple pieces like a dress or flannel & combines them in a way that you normally wouldn’t wear either of them. An under tee flannel? An over-worn dress? Yes please! Yesterday I felt a little bit like a retro farm girl, but I loved every minute of it.







Flannel; F21 Dress; F21 Leggings; H&M Flats; Ross Necklace; F21

My sis in law & I totally got hit on by an 8 year old at the birthday party. The kid just liked how we (rolled) jumped!

—abbey kay


  1. Abbey! I lalalove this outfit! Seriously, I never would’ve thought to use a plaid flannel as an undershirt. You rule. Also, your outfits rule.
    You need to get a button on yo’ blog so I can put it on mine! 😉

    1. Thanks girl!! I saw you made a blog & that makes me so, so happy!!! But what’s a button!! You’re way more advanced in the blogging world than I am!

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