Ima be real with y’all for a bit. Yesterday’s outfit was just too good for a Tuesday. Normally if I put together something snazzy & cute I’ll save it for a Sunday which is when I see people & actually to do stuff. But I put on yesterday’s outfit & just couldn’t take it off! It was just too good of an idea to wait any longer to strut my stuff in it. So I wore it & rocked it & loved everything about it. The shirt cracks me up, because well, it describes my attitude towards everything. I’m a huge second guesser, avoider, & loner. So wearing a shirt with a big ole NOPE on it should really be what I wear everyday to be honest. It looked so good with my new sheer long kimono from H&M & my (on sale!) new blue washed leggings that were from there too. The colors & pieces just flowed, literally. I loved it. Didn’t really love my hair, but oh well! I can’t wait to wear each of these pieces again, but in a different way of course!








Kimono; H&M NOPE Tee; F21 Leggings; H&M Flats; F21

I bought my SIL the same pair of leggings because we both had been wanting them for forever! Let’s hope we don’t end up wearing them to the same place on the same day because we tend to do that a lot! We secretly love it when we dress alike though. Shhh!

— abbey kay


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