chola fashion

Wanna know something I love? The fact that someone can look so tough yet beautiful at the same time. There is a definite talent behind this beauty & it intrigues me so much. I think now-a-days women are either supposed to be wimpy beauties or tough naturals. Umm, hello why not combine the two & create something fierce? I say heck yeah to that! I love the look of this! Like dang, that girl is beautiful & confident, but no way am I even gonna think about messing with her. Right? Every girl wants to have that sort of presence wherever they go. The “chola” look captures that perfectly with such grace & edge. And yes ladies, you can pull off the beanie & bandana leggings look. Just be brave & try it out!









Crewneck; F21 Leggings; F21 Necklace; F21 Shoes; F21 Beanie; H&M

Gosh I just love the colors of those look! Maroon & black just look so good together!

— abbey kay

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