end it movement

Yesterday was the day that people across the country (possibly world) choice to use their voice for a people that are voiceless. Yesterday was sex trafficking awareness day. People rallied together & wore a red x on their hands to stand against the wrong that is happening all across this country. It’s such a hard thing to understand that 27 million men, women, & children are forced to use their bodies against their will for someone else’s benefit & wealth. People aren’t in tune with the reality that slavery still exists. And it’s nuts to know that it is such a huge industry in the city where I live. I couldn’t imagine being trapped with no way out. I hope that yesterday’s awareness helped the unaware to research & know the truth hidden in our cities.









Dress; H&M Vest; Plato’s Closet Tights; Ross Boots; Kohl’s Knee High Socks; Kohl’s

Check out the End It Movement to find out more information.

— abbey kay


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