black curvy sass

Have you ever just put on an outfit, taken a look in a full length mirror, & been like dang, I should wear this every day cause my body is kickin. You know you’ve all thought this. Yesterday with my almost all monochromatic look I looked slimmer than a slim jim. Complete true story. The black & white top I wore proportioned my body so well that is was literally mind blowing! I love how the colors & cuts of your clothes can totally create an illusion with your body. Definitely one of my favorite things about fashion.





I paired it with my military jacket later during the day when I left the house. I love this thing & gotta remember to wear it more often!





Jacket; Ross Top; F21 Skinnies; Burlington Coat Factory Booties; Kohl’s

I just love these colors! I need more colorblocking & military green in my life!

—abbey kay


One response to “black curvy sass”

  1. tylerhandmade Avatar

    “Like dang…my body is kickin.” Lol you crack me up! And I love how the top makes it look like high-waisted pants.


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