just rompin around

Yesterday I was just rompin around wearing a super simple grey romper over a black & white striped tee & somehow I created a huge commotion. Ya see, yesterday I participated in the #CoastToCoastChallenge on IG where the ladies over at Coast To Coast Central teamed up with the peeps over at The Project Heal to bring about awareness for National Eating Disorder week. The challenge was to post a picture of yourself in an outfit that you feel beautiful in & then open up & say something about yourself that you’ve had to learn to love. So I did this. And it boomed so to speak. What I said about myself got featured on their website & I even posted about it on my Facebook & I’ve been receiving tons of encouragement & support from so many people. You can read & see my feature, here.But, I’m not gonna lie. Almost every single day, I do feel “beautiful” because I genuinely love to do my hair & make-up & wear fashionable outfits. But that doesn’t mean that I love myself entirely every single day. I’m constantly stressing over my size & about how things don’t fit me anymore. I’m always hating the approaching summer season because I hate wearing shorts, sleeveless dresses, & I won’t be caught dead in a bathing suit unless I’m just around my family. I may seem like the most confident girl day in & day out, but I’m not. I’m a broken, messed up wreck. And the only thing that keeps me going every single day is knowing the truth that I’m not defined by my outer parts. That I was designed by a great GREAT God who looks at me & does nothing but stand in awe & applaud. The flaws I see in myself are the things He specifically created in me to be unique. That nuts, right? Like how can I not love myself when I know that the God of the universe doesn’t see me as a fluffy disaster but instead as glowing radiant bride in white. I can’t help but love who He created me to be, flaws & all. And to me, that’s what makes someone beautiful. Having the ability to love yourself, imperfections & all, is true beauty.









Hat; F21 Romper; TJ Maxx Striped Tee; Plato’s Closet Tights; Target Flats; Urban Outfitters Gold Chain; Repurposed

I just want to thank you all for allowing me the freedom to be vulnerable & real with you all. I hope you know, that you can do the same with me.

—abbey kay


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  1. tylerhandmade Avatar

    Love the striped top! 🙂


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