green stripes

So I told you that my entire room is a mess, right? Well, it is because my dad is painting my room & putting in hardwood floors. So all of my clothes are just like thrown on top of each other in a spare room with mountains of shoes & scarves & jackets surrounding them. It’s like a hoarders paradise in there. But it is my worst nightmare. I wanna cry when I walk in there. Getting dressed is the most difficult thing in the world & I hate it. So yesterday I just grabbed the first things I saw, put them on, & shut the door and ran. Just kidding, I walked. But still it makes me so sad right now that I don’t to get to explore fashion & be creative in the morning with my clothes. So today, ya get this, yesterday’s very simple green striped shirt outfit that is dull & boring in my sad fashion depressed eyes. I’m being overdramatic, it’s a cute look.








Green Striped Tee; Burlington Coat Factory Leggings; H&M Boots; Kohl’s Necklace; F21

Look guys! I actually wore tall boots yesterday! That has not happened in such a long time!

— abbey kay


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