kimono chillin

Friday was a chill day. Just chillin in my kimono. Like one often does when wearing such a thing. Except I worked hard. My mom said that of I cleared out my whole room this weekend then my dad would paint my room while I was gone. See what she did there? Haha, so with much stress, I did just that. But where does one out piles & piles & piles of clean clothes & things & frames & things of wall decor so that no paint touches them? She piles them on top of each other in a spare bedroom that is now literally filled corner to corner with extra stuff. The worst sight ever, I swear. It stresses my brain & my heart out. My poor clothes! I have no idea how the heck I’ll get dressed this week… It will be quite the not fun adventure trying to create an outfit from a chaotic pile of fashion mess. I’m so sad about!! But so so grateful for my dad painting my room for me! He is just the sweetest guy around!



Kimono; H&M Tank; F21 Leggings; Ross Booties; F21 Gold Chain; Repurposed

I think I’ll wear this piece with a lbd next! So stoked on that idea!

— abbey kay





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